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Hair Care and the Use of Hair Building Fiber
Beingchinmay on 10/17/2015 at 10:06am (UTC)
 When we go out, our hair undergo a lot of damage and if proper care not given to them the effects could be as threatening as baldness. Dust, pollution, sun, sweat are very common things that we face when we go out, to protect our skin from these damages we tend to apply sunscreen lotion, face wash or various other remedies on our skin but the hair remains neglected.

Some very basic hair care things that we should take care of to keep strong and healthy are:

Despite of taking enough care of their hair, some people still acquire the problem of baldness. The reason behind the problem of such people could be genetic problem, hormonal imbalance, or lack of nutritious diet, stress or some illness. Baldness problem can be very irritating as it damages the public image of a person and also reduces self confidence of the suffering person. Such person always feels that people might make fun of him if he goes out in public and reduces much social interaction .

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How to remove dandruff fast – quick home remedies for dandruff
CHinmay on 10/17/2015 at 9:59am (UTC)
 Dandruff is a typical issue of the scalp that is brought on by dry and disturbed sleek skin, microscopic organisms and growth disease on the scalp. It is a safe condition that happens when the scalp gets to be dry or oily. The normal side effects of dandruff are scalp irritation, arrangement of drops of dry skin which shed all alone bringing on shame and absence of self-regard in a man. There are a few regular solutions for dispose of dandruff rapidly and for all time.

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